Mel Gibson rewarded with cameo in surefire blockbuster

Since Mel Gibson is such a swell guy who totally doesn’t have problems with rage or women or Jews, Hollywood should do something nice for him! Could they give him another “Lethal Weapon”? No, he’s probably too old for that shit. How about his own superhero franchise? Is there a superhero known for threatening women and trying to attack Israel or something? No? Okay, how about a cameo in “The Hangover 2”?

Yes, that last one is real! Mel Gibson, last seen (or heard) ranting and raving and threatening his ex (and before that, ranting and raving about the Jews), will appear as a tattoo artist in the Thailand-set sequel. It’s just like when they gave Mike Tyson that cameo in the first movie! These “Hangover” guys, they just love working with people who are dangerous threats to their significant others.


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