Teaser trailer for “Cars 2”

“Cars” is the weakest of Pixar’s output over the last decade. That’s not really in dispute. (Though obviously it’s graded on an incredibly hard curve, because “Cars” would be the Rubber Soul of DreamWorks animated movies, but that’s not the point.) But because it features a bunch of anthropomorphic talking cars, it was a merchandising supernova for Disney. So of course it gets a sequel! The first “Cars,” released in 2006, was directed by superman John Lasseter. This film is due next summer and will become the first non-“Toy Story” sequel in Pixar history, to be followed by “Monsters, Inc. 2” in 2012 or 2013.

(Of note: By that time, Pixar will have gone from releasing one sequel in its first 15 years to three sequels in the last four years. Just saying.)

[via tdw]

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