When movie sites hate movies

Movieline interviewed Todd Phillips recently while the director was promoting “Due Date.” He had this to say upon finding out the site interviewing him:

“…you guys just hate every movie. So it’s like, “Ugh, really, I have to do this and open myself up to some snarky, clever title?” You know what I mean? There are movie sites that love movies and there are movie sites that are just bitter people that just hate movies. I find Movieline to be in the latter. The tone is bizarrely hateful.”

Phillips is right! Kind of! Because apparently he only reads stuff written by Christopher Rosen, who seems to be Movieline’s go-to Johnny Bittergripes. Consider that today, Rosen penned a story with the following says-it-all headline: “Why Does Everyone Think Alfonso Cuarón’s Awful Harry Potter Adaptation is Great?” I know, right? It’s not just that he’s wrong. (It is great, flawed as it is, and for a Harry Potter movie.) It’s that this dude just seems to hate movies and seems begrudging, at best, when doing his job. I hate to say the director of “School for Scoundrels” just provided incisive media criticism that summed it up best, but he really did.

Consider Rosen’s complaint about movies that are omnipresent on the Internet…movies which Rosen, as a person paid to write for a film Web site, is required to read and write about. Or his similar complaint about potential movies that some fans are interested in, that he apparently is bothered to have to constantly cover, for his movie Web site, where he is forced at gunpoint to work. Or consider the fact that he bitched about the Internet spoiling cameos in movies, when he writes for a film Web site that runs precisely those kinds of stories (among others). Or when he gripes about “SNL” hosts not being surprises anymore, even though Movieline actually runs stories about who is hosting “SNL.” (And was it really such a surprise? Does he not recall that the show has long run title cards announcing the following week’s host and musical guest?) Or his overly-negative outlook towards “Thor” based on precious little evidence. Or his preposterous attempt to compare a poor basketball performance to poor box office performances (which I’ve already griped about here).

You get the point. I was reading this interview with Phillips and I was struck by how on-the-nose his comment was. Seeing Rosen’s story pop up in my RSS reader just confirmed it. You’ve got to wonder why somebody who hates movies would want to do a job that requires him to watch and write about movies.


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