“How I Met Your Mother” – ‘Natural History’

I would be remiss if I didn’t note that “How I Met Your Mother” aired a new episode last night. And it wasn’t bad! For the second episode in a row! In fact, it was actually pretty good! And, in perhaps the most shocking development of all, the show’s main character — generally an anchor that drags down the show’s comedic level when he’s given center stage — was the funniest person on the show. Really! He went up to a dude with a monocle and mocked him, but then later went up to him and asked if it costs half as much as glasses, and it was actually pretty funny in the moment. (He also had other jokes that were humorous.)

Anyway, so if you watched it but gave up on it as it became more and more of a….well, a CBS sitcom over the last couple of years, maybe give it another shot. It started the season weakly, but it looks to be gaining some traction.

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