Newest “Tron: Legacy” trailer

The latest “Tron: Legacy” trailer is here. It’s more of the same: Looks very cool. Looks very serious. There are two Jeff Bridgeseses. One of them is the bearded, aged version we’re all familiar with; the other is a still-a-bit-too-plastic-y CGI version of Bridges circa the 1980s. (I expect that by the Dec. 17 release, the CGI version will look better.) There’s also Garrett Hedlund as the hero (Bridges’s son). Plus, Olivia Wilde, who has been very pretty on TV for years now (“The O.C.,” “House”), takes her too-good-looking-NOT-to-be-CGI self to the big screen.

As others have said, yeah, it looks a little grim. Looks like it’s trying hard to be taken seriously, not laughed at because A) it’s about living computer programs and B) it’s the sequel to a cult classic from 1982. But it also looks utterly phenomenal, like the kind of thing that was made for 3-D and IMAX screens, a movie that’s worth seeing on the big screen.

[Embiggen here]

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