MUPPETS MUPPETS MUPPETS MUPPETS (First teaser trailer for “The Muppets”)

THIS was a nice surprise, courtesy of someone delightful in Disney’s marketing department. It’s a trailer for “Green With Envy,” a romantic comedy starring Jason Segel and Amy Adams, but it’s really the teaser trailer for Segel’s highly-anticipated revamp of “The Muppets.”

(I so rarely get to be the person who can discover firsthand something is viral marketing, by the way. I always find out about it down the road, after somebody else figured out some secret code and now we have a new “Dark Knight” trailer or something. Not this time! What is this “Green With Envy,” I wondered? I follow these kinds of things, and surely there is no movie called that and with those stars that has slipped under the radar. Anyway, MUPPETS!)



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