Will Ferrell plays jazz flute on “Conan,” also announces “Anchorman 2”

Well, this is a nice surprise. There hasn’t been any “Anchorman 2” news for quite some time, with the last rumors suggesting that Paramount vetoed the sequel and that a “Step Brothers” sequel was more likely.

And then Will Ferrell dropped by “Conan” today in his full Ron Burgundy outfit to play some jazz flute and insult Conan and oh by the way mention that “Anchorman 2” is happening. How exciting!

(Word got out via various people tweeting and Tumbling the news, while Adam McKay mentioned that there will be something on Funny or Die afterwards, so there could be additional information coming out later tonight.)

I am not normally ecstatic about sequels (for all of the usual reasons: they aren’t original ideas, they invariably try to recreate what worked about the first film, diminishing returns, etc.), but for this one I will make a big honking exception. The fact that the movie was thought dead and is now happening is nifty enough, but also this is the rare sequel for which I will have unending optimism due to the participants involved and the quality of the original movie. I mean, the idea that Paramount scuttled for “Anchorman 2” was a musical sequel with a Broadway show. How can you not have faith in these guys? Again, exciting!

[Team Coco]

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