Why The “Halo” Movie Never Happened

There was once going to be a movie version of Halo, the massively popular Xbox game. This was a movie that was going places, at least insofar as cinematic adaptations of videogames can go to or from any particular place. It had it all: Well-known source material (the game), a big-name producer familiar with adapting beloved properties (Peter Jackson) and an up-and-coming director with vision and talent to spare (Neill Blomkamp, who would go on to make “District 9”). But it was going to cost a lot of money, and much of the potential revenue would have been vacuumed up by Microsoft, two movie studios (Fox and Universal) and Jackson, among others.

The movie ultimately fell apart. Wired has an excerpt from “Generation Xbox: How Video Games Invaded Hollywood” that fully lays out exactly how and why this happened. This isn’t breaking news or anything, because many of these details trickled out in the years since the movie failed to materialize, but it’s useful to see it all clearly laid out.

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