Sony says “Community” cast members feel fine about the Dan Harmon firing

The Firing of Dan Harmon continues to be the great drama of our time. (And by “great drama,” I mean “regrettable but ultimately, sadly understandable severing of a business relationship involving a show that very few people watch.” Also, most people are probably unaware that this drama is even taking place, because most people do not know much about this “Community” or this “Dan Harmon,” but we can ignore that because you are reading something on the Internet and therefore an interest in all things “Community” is assumed.

Anyway! Since the firing was such a public and maligned mess, and since the show’s cast contains many talented individuals who have other projects and therefore other opportunities to answer questions from the media and the public, Sony realized that there was a danger of these cast members speaking honestly about their feelings w/r/t the Harmon Saga. So rather than let someone comment on the fact that, say, Harmon was fired without so much as a phone call, Sony has decided to tell these cast members how to respond.

The Hollywood Reporter snagged a memo containing the talking points Sony sent to the cast and crew. I would assume this sort of thing happens fairly often — I can only imagine the “Luck” talking points memo was about 40,000 words long, about half of that specifically dealing with Nick Nolte-related answers — but it’s still interesting to see it come out in public. I recommend reading the whole thing (it’s not long), if only so you can try to see how Sony wants every cast member to repeat the phrase “‘Community’ comes back this fall” from now until “Community” comes back this fall. (Hey, look at that. It sorta worked!)

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