Sacramento Kings considering move to…Virginia Beach?

UPDATE: Some knowledgeable folks have poked holes in this story, while Joe Maloof said they haven’t spoken with Virginia Beach. So. Stay tuned. Maybe they’re heading to Poughkeepsie instead?


The Sacramento Kings are an NBA franchise that currently plays in Sacramento, as the name implies. They are not likely to stay in Sacramento a long period of time, and rumors are always flying around about where they will wind up. Even as recently as February, the team was pondering a move to Anaheim. Las Vegas and Seattle are often mentioned as potential destinations for the Kings. The Kings are looking for another home, is my point, so any report about a new city for the team would have to be pretty far out there to surprise.

Which brings us to today’s news that the Kings are apparently on the verge of heading to Virginia Beach. Virginia Beach? Virginia Beach. The story, which comes from Inside Business in Norfolk, says the Maloofs (who own the Kings) are negotiating with Comcast as part of the move. Comcast would build and lease out a new arena. The deal could be announced next Wednesday, Aug. 29.

I don’t know if it’s the last possible destination I’d name for the Kings, but it’s still an incredibly left-field choice. Virginia Beach has a population of about 442,000 people, which is not much behind Sacramento’s 472,000 people. Virginia Beach is mostly known for being a resort town located near a few military bases. Virginia Beach is not a place one can easily imagine hosting a major sports franchise. Professional athletes get bored living and playing in places like Minneapolis, Orlando, Cleveland and, yes, Sacramento. Virginia Beach is…well, it’s unexpected, that’s for sure.

Did you think when you woke up today you would hear the words “Virginia Beach Kings?” Because I did not.


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