Also, The Flu

Flu season continues, with intense flu activity reported throughout the U.S. There are indications the season has peaked, which is of course not the same thing as saying that it has ended.

If you have any questions about the flu, these posts at Kicker and Mother Jones are two good places to begin. (They are particularly helpful if you aren’t sure about how to differentiate between a regular old cold and the flu.)

In case you haven’t gotten a flu shot yet, remember that the season will continue and that just because it’s January doesn’t mean you should just shrug it off. “The flu vaccine is not perfect, but it’s what we have,” Michael Specter writes for the New Yorker in a post urging people to get vaccinated. Even if you don’t think you need it, getting the shot could help others around you, including the elderly or the young, he writes. This map should also help show you just how prevalent the flu is this year.

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