Buzz Bissinger Is Literally Mr. Fancy Pants

Buzz Bissinger, noted journalist and the Salieri of Spittle, has a new story in GQ. Perhaps the best thing you can say about it is that it’s certainly a new story written by Buzz Bissinger that appears in GQ.

The story is basically about how Harry Gerard Bissinger III, otherwise known as Buzz, the guy who wrote “Friday Night Lights” and the “Shattered Glass” article and who won a Pulitzer Prize, is obsessed with buying fancy, expensive Gucci clothes.

Earlier this year, Hamilton Nolan wrote this thing for Gawker about how personal essays exposing painful or embarrassing secrets can be good but that these stories often “offer run of the mill voyeurism tinged with the desperation of attention addiction.” Nolan also wrote about how most people’s lives are inherently uninteresting because there are only so many compelling personal stories to tell, and I mention this by way of saying that while Buzz Bissinger may lead an interesting, rich and varied life, I cannot for the life of me figure out why he thought the world needed thousands and thousands of words about his self-described addiction to buying Gucci clothes.

But nonetheless, this story exists, and so you can read about Bissinger’s $13,900 “Gucci ostrich skin” jacket and his trips to sex clubs in Hong Kong and Macao and his other intensely relatable experiences. Or you can read or watch “American Psycho” and come away with the same basic feeling.

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