Sebastian Junger’s Writing Advice

I try to edit my work in different states of mind. So I’ll go running on a really hot day and then read the 2,000 words I just wrote. Or if I’m upset, or really sleepy, or if I’m drunk, I’ll read this stuff. If you’re sleepy and you find yourself skipping over a paragraph because you’re bored by it and just want to get to the interesting part, it comes out. Those different states of mind are a really interesting filter.

Sebastian Junger’s article “The Storm” (which inspired his book “The Perfect Storm”) ran in Outside Magazine nearly two decades ago. In a delightful feature over at Nieman Storyboard, Junger went through the story answering Elon Green‘s questions about how it was written and reported. The entire thing is a great read, filled with wonderful and worthwhile advice from Junger.

(It’s part of an ongoing Nieman series called Annotation Tuesday, where other writers sit down and go through their stories discussing how they were written.)

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