About This Noise

So this is a blog where I will write things and you will read them and we will all rejoice at successfully completing this task. It’ll be fun.

This blog was founded in 1987 as a Carroll O’Connor fan site. It was very unpopular. It was recreated in 1996 as a Seal fan site. It remained very unpopular. For a brief period in early 2004, the site was a storehouse of pictures of cats dressed as people, until I wisely determined that nobody on the Internet would be interested in that, so why waste my time?

Any thoughts? Links? Things you think I should post because you don’t have a blog and you feel like someone, somewhere, should be blogging about said things? Drop me a line:┬áTheMarkBerman [at] gmail. And please enjoy yourself. That is, after all, why I do this.

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