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Z-Type is a game where you have to type words to win. It is officially my new favorite thing for at least he next 10 minutes. Really, go play it! It is oddly addictive. [via Kottke]

Charlie Weis will be Florida’s offensive coordinator

The University of Florida has confirmed that Charlie Weis will be the team’s offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach in 2011. I say in 2011 because he will definitely be there during 2011, possibly during 2012 and maybe, maybe, in 2013, though who are we kidding with that.

Weis coached under Bill Parcells and Bill Belichick, overseeing the Patriots’s offense during their Super Bowl-winning years in 2001, 2003 and 2004. (It should be noted that their most impressive offensive years under Belichick were 2007 and 2010, when Weis was out of their hair, but whatever.) He then spent five rapidly-declining seasons at Notre Dame, starting out well before his employment status became a perpetual joke. After getting canned, he joined reportedly unpleasant Todd Haley in Kansas City as the offensive coordinator, overseeing a squad that has performed admirably enough (by virtue of a conservative throwing game and having Jamaal Charles on the team). When they get knocked out in the first round (or maybe even the second one), he will turn his attention to the mess the Gators currently have at quarterback. And when the team is scoring in buckets again over the next one to three years, Weis will get offered a job at a school or on another NFL team, and he will leave.

But for now, let’s hope he can instill something resembling offensive coherency to this team.

Happy [insert holiday here], folks!

Whatever your particular belief/non-belief, denomination/non-denomination, ethos/lack thereof, deity/amorphous sense of self-satisfaction or everything else, if you celebrate anything today or any other days, we here at Digressions (which means me, obviously) wish you nothing but the best.

Holidays and whatnot

With the arrival of the holiday season and whatnot, posting will be more intermittent on these here parts. I’ll still post some stuff, obviously, because I am a slight addict. But safe travels and delightful celebrations to each and every one of you.

The grimy watering hole in twilight

How does a grimy watering hole inspire such indelible loyalty? For two decades, the bar affectionately known as the Fish was a hub for downtown intellectuals, creative types, skateboarders and assorted derelicts. It was the type of place that seemed to sum up the anarchic, youthful spirit of the Lower East Side during the 1990s and, later, stand as a kind of living, punk-inflected relic while the rest of the neighborhood gained respectability.

— I am an utter sucker for these types of “beloved neighborhood dive about to close its doors” stories. If it’s your cup of tea, here’s a nice little read.