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This Is Water: The Short Film

I’ve written before about David Foster Wallace’s 2005 commencement address at Kenyon College (of course, so has half of the Internet). It’s a really great speech and even if Wallace isn’t your particular brand of whiskey, I highly recommend giving it a read.

But if you don’t feel like reading it, perhaps you’d enjoy this short film created by the folks over at The Glossary. It doesn’t cover the entire speech, instead using an audio excerpt to bring some of it to life:

You can listen to audio of the entire address here.

Listen to “Love This Giant” now

NPR is streaming “Love This Giant,” the collaboration between David Byrne (of the Talking Heads) and the wondrous Annie Clark (better known as St. Vincent). They’re streaming the album right now. The album doesn’t come out until next Tuesday, but you can listen to it right now, so I have to wonder why you are even still reading this? Also, the album won’t be streaming for forever, so go forth and enjoy.

You can also check out a video from said album below (via):

Nicolas Cage performs John Cage’s 4’33”

When the machines take over and we wonder whether or not our incessant need to improve and develop and invent — which led to a world where our creations could rise up and overthrow us — was actually worth it, we will look back at this video and know that the answer is yes.

I give you Nicolas Cage performing John Cage’s 4’33”.


Slow Motion

Do you enjoy seeing everyday things presented in super-duper-slowed-down slow motion? Of course you do. Who doesn’t? Maria Popova gathers seven videos of objects and actions that have been slowed down to the point where it redefines what we are actually seeing. You’ve probably seen some or all of these videos scattered about the Web, but it’s useful to have them all in one place. If you’re curious, my favorite is No. 6. [Brain Pickings]