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“Breaking Bad” – The Devil and Old Yeller

Be warned: Spoilers for “Rabid Dog,” the most recent episode of “Breaking Bad,” await you after the jump.

“We’ve come this far. For us, what’s one more?”

Over the course of nearly 60 episodes, “Breaking Bad” has vividly peeled away any morality that clung to Walter White, displaying how he slowly revealed his true colors as the series progressed (the interpretation I prefer, and one that matches up with what the show’s creator has said). A less likely explanation might say that the show highlighted how the actions he undertook and the world he entered slowly chipped away at Walter White and left only Heisenberg standing. Still, as we have witnessed this decay, we have seen how Walt’s miasmatic persona has corrupted and corroded those around him. Continue reading

“Breaking Bad” – Confessions of a Megalomaniacal Mind

Be warned: Spoilers for “Confessions,” the most recent episode of “Breaking Bad,” await you after the jump. 

As “Breaking Bad” continues to hurtle toward the finish line, the show’s characters — one by one — continue to walk away from potential avenues out of this world. They have been offered escapes (not necessarily clean ones, but escapes nonetheless), ways to get away from the death, destruction and havoc that surrounds them, and they have chosen to stay where they are.
Continue reading

This Is A Post About “Breaking Bad”

Look, you already know that “Breaking Bad” returns on Sunday night with the first of its final eight episodes. You also already know if you’re going to watch or not, and you know if you like the show, and if you’re the kind of person who gives such things thought, you know where you think the show ranks among the other great shows that have aired over the last decade and a half.

Me — and this is just me, obviously, and I’m just a guy standing in front of the Internet sharing his thoughts — I cannot wait. We cannot know its place among the greats until we see how the entire thing plays out, because clearly endings color the way people view certain shows, but right now I would say that “Breaking Bad” is the best non-“Parks and Recreation” show on television, and I would also say that it is the best drama since “The Sopranos.” So I am very excited! (Of course, it feels like the entire world is very excited, because seemingly every other tweet and Tumbl and blog post over the last week has been about “Breaking Bad,” though that “entire world” I spoke of is a rather small universe of people who tweet and Tumbl and blog, because the entire world is really watching “America’s Got Talent” or whatever.)

And if you are curious: I’ll have thoughts on Sunday night’s episode here, most likely publishing on Monday morning. (UPDATE: Here’s my review/recap.)

“Breaking Bad” returns on July 15

Oh, am I obligated to mention that “Breaking Bad” returns on July 15? Because it does, and I am obviously excited, though that excitement is somewhat dulled by the fact that AMC is airing the first eight episodes of the fifth season this summer and airing the final eight episodes in the summer of 2013. Still! “Breaking Bad”! Summer!