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Trailer for “Your Highness”

Here’s the red band trailer for “Your Highness,” which is just the most absurdly perfect ever conceived. It stars Danny McBride as a prince, James Franco as his more-polished-prince brother, Zooey Deschanel as a kidnapped maiden, Natalie Portman as a badass and Justin Theroux as a wizard. It’s about McBride and Franco going on a quest to save Dechanel, and it’s kind of like “Krull” and those other very-very-very-1980s sorcery/swordplay epics, only it’s funny, and looks awesome, and it is absurd to think about the kind of money a studio shelled out so McBride could play the hero, but he (as the star) and this movie look just perfect. Also, when this movie comes out, Franco and Portman will assuredly be one Oscar nomination richer, to say nothing of a potential trophy. Worth knowing.

Again, red band, so if you don’t like naughty words or whatever, don’t watch.