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David Stern to retire…in 2014

David Stern, the NBA’s bewildering commissioner, has announced that he is retiring on Feb. 1, 2014. That would mark the 30th anniversary of when he started the job, meaning that David Stern has been the commissioner of the NBA longer than some people (people who may or may not be writing this very sentence) have been alive. That is a very long time to commission something! Continue reading

The NBA promises (again) to crack down on players

The NBA is seemingly always making these grand promises about improving the game, which is to say improving public perception of the players. If you watch the league, you know players have a habit of complaining about literally each and every foul ever assessed. Sure, it’s stupid, and some players (Rasheed Wallace) famously go over the top. But the league always seems to be making these promises of new rules that will crack down on it, promising more technicals, more ejections, punishing the whining. It’s one of the league’s patented “we roll something out in the late summer/early fall that we forget about by the spring” moves. Remember that time they had a new ball? Or the last time they cracked down on complaining? (The dress code stuck, as did the age restriction, though with a lockout looming you never know what the next collective bargaining agreement will bring.) It doesn’t matter. If LeBron wants to bitch and moan during the first round of the playoffs, you think a ref is ejecting him? It won’t last. It’s just the league trying to send the players a message. As usual. [Y!]