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Failing Upward, Ever Upward

There are no second acts in American life, unless you are Jeff Zucker, in which case your catastrophic firebombing of a major television network can be followed up with a job running a beleaguered news operation.

Jeff Zucker, the man who brought you “The Jay Leno Show,” the man who took NBC from the No. 1 network on television to the No. 4 broadcast network (there are only four), the man who infamously bungled handing over “The Tonight Show” to Conan O’Brien (and then bungled it again, and then bungled it yet again for good measure), the man who pinned his success on to “To Catch A Predator” and “The Apprentice” and “Joey,” is going to take over CNN. For a news network in search of an identity and a direction, this…is not very good news.

Jeff Zucker to fail someplace else

In an e-mail sent to employees this morning, Jeff Zucker announced he will be leaving NBC once the Comcast takeover is done. ¬†Zucker has received a lot of grief over the years for his various missteps and screw-ups, perhaps none so public and jarring as his antics during the Conan/Leno/”Tonight Show” fracas. (Remember when he allegedly threatened to keep Conan off the air for three and a half years? What a peach.) This is normally where I’d equivocate and mention something he did well, but…nah. [NYT]