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Trailer for “Just Go With It”

Wow, it must be “Lightweight Romantic Comedies From Rich White People Who Have Seen Better Days” day on the Internet or something, because we have yet another trailer! This one’s for an Adam Sandler movie.

“Just Go With It” is the latest of Sander’s interchangeable “lovable shlub meets a woman, some plot contrivance causes problems, then they get together” movies. This time around, he’s a doctor (sure, why not) who meets women by pretending to be married (yep, sounds about right). Then he meets Brooklyn Decker, and decides She Is The One, because, well, he doesn’t read Sports Illustrated for the articles.

But! She thinks he’s married! So he has to enlist the help of Jennifer Aniston, to pretend to be the wife he’s divorcing. And you know how there’s that oft-mocked but even-more-oft-reused trope of making a hot lady look “frumpy” by having her wear glasses and a ponytail? Yes, they  do that with Jennifer Aniston in this movie. She’s frumpy! Until she’s not! And Sandler will realize she’s the one he was meant to be with, the end.

Also, Nicole Kidman has a role in this movie, for some inexplicable reason. And have I mentioned the title yet? Because really, that title is terrible. Okay, I’m done complaining now.