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The President Endorses Same Sex Marriage

Did you hear? You probably didn’t hear. President Obama endorsed same sex marriage on Wednesday in an interview with ABC News. You can watch the video here. If that video won’t work, you can also check it out here. I’ve also embedded it below, because some of the videos are giving people problems.

(This site doesn’t normally traffic in real news, but since this is actually a pretty major milestone, I figured why not?)

An Oral History of Breaking Up

There’s a very grim, but very interesting, story about marriage in the new Times magazine. Well, it’s actually about failed marriages more than anything else. Dana Adam Shapiro, who directed “Murderball,” has a new movie out called “Monogamy.” It stars Rashida Jones and is about an engaged couple and, you know, monogamous relationships. The movie stems from a project Shapiro embarked upon in 2008. He had been hearing about a lot of divorces, so he started interviewing people (friends, and eventually other folks, resulting in about 50 interviews) about it.

Seriously, the story won’t fill you with any optimism if you are feeling uncertain about ever meeting That Special Someone or something. But it’s really, really interesting. The excerpts of his interviews with the divorcees are brutal looks at the aftermath of a marriage, and it’s a pretty jarring look at how people view something so personal. You want to feel bad for these people, for these couples, even though each of the people quoted in the three published excerpts are candid about their errors and faults (albeit with some defensiveness).

If that sounds like something you want to read, here you go. If not, here’s a puppy confused by an ice cube!

Marriage and business

An interesting WSJ story today tackles what happens when married couples go into business together:

Financial stress, long hours and pet peeves can undermine a marriage in such setups. Couples say they have to draw firm boundaries among work and marital roles, schedule weekends away whenever possible, and, above all, keep a sense of humor. A few couples say working together has drawn them closer.

A survey quoted in the story says that 8 percent of small businesses recently started in this country are co-owned by “co-owned by husbands and wives.” There’s some statistical risk here, because you combine the general risk of opening a small business or getting married. The commonly accepted statistic says half of marriage end in divorce (that’s not precisely true, but the CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics says it’s roughly half). The Small Business Administration says that just over half of new businesses survive five or more years. There doesn’t appear to be any hard data on this that I can find, but what kind of impact will a failed business have on a marriage? It can’t help the health of a marriage.

But as somebody quoted in the story says, “It is easier to get a new business than a new spouse.”