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An Oral History of Breaking Up

There’s a very grim, but very interesting, story about marriage in the new Times magazine. Well, it’s actually about failed marriages more than anything else. Dana Adam Shapiro, who directed “Murderball,” has a new movie out called “Monogamy.” It stars Rashida Jones and is about an engaged couple and, you know, monogamous relationships. The movie stems from a project Shapiro embarked upon in 2008. He had been hearing about a lot of divorces, so he started interviewing people (friends, and eventually other folks, resulting in about 50 interviews) about it.

Seriously, the story won’t fill you with any optimism if you are feeling uncertain about ever meeting That Special Someone or something. But it’s really, really interesting. The excerpts of his interviews with theĀ divorcees are brutal looks at the aftermath of a marriage, and it’s a pretty jarring look at how people view something so personal. You want to feel bad for these people, for these couples, even though each of the people quoted in the three published excerpts are candid about their errors and faults (albeit with some defensiveness).

If that sounds like something you want to read, here you go. If not, here’s a puppy confused by an ice cube!