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How 25 Male Writers Received 25 National Magazine Award Nominations

“As far as the ASME awards go, women are unlikely to see a huge jump in nominations unless editors either start changing the process through which they assign out pieces, or more outlets exist for general interest long-form journalism targeted at women.”

Lucy Madison explores how theĀ American Society of Magazine Editors only nominated male writers in the biggest categories (reporting, feature writing, profile writing, essays and columns). FWIW, female writers did dominate the public interest category.

National Geographic named Magazine of the Year

The National Magazine Awards were held in New York on Monday night, and after weeks of breathless speculation and fervent campaigning (one assumes), some of the people and magazines that were nominated won some things. National Geographic won for magazine of the year and single-topic issue. Atul Gawande’s brilliant “Letting Go” won the public service category. The full list of winners is here.