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NYTimes.com’s Plan To Charge People Money For Consuming Goods, Services Called Bold Business Move

NEW YORK—In a move that media executives, economic forecasters, and business analysts alike are calling “extremely bold,” NYTimes.com put into place a groundbreaking new business model today in which the news website will charge people money to consume the goods and services it provides. “The whole idea of an American business trying to make a profit off of a product its hired professionals create on a daily basis is a truly brave and intrepid strategy,” said media analyst Steve Messner, adding that NYTimes.com’s extremely risky new approach to commerce—wherein legal tender must be exchanged in order to receive a desired service—could drastically reduce the publication’s readership.

— The Onion really outdoes itself.

Bad apples from good trees

This terribly interesting essay in the NYT discusses the paradox of good parents with bad children. Not “bad” in the sense that they grow up to be bank robbers, but that they are just mean individuals. For all of the talk about how children are the product of their environment — which is clearly very often true — we often hear a focus on positive parenting turning out positive children, bad parenting turning out bad seeds or children who overcome bad parenting to turn into well-adjusted adults. This is a different story.