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If you watch sports, here’s the explanation for why you’re about to see a lady dressed up as Rapunzel everywhere

In one creative sales pitch, Disney is sending actors dressed as the film’s two lead characters, Flynn Rider and Rapunzel, to NBA, NHL, NFL and college football games around the country, with two seats set aside for the two actors and four or five extra seats reserved for Rapunzel’s long hair. You think cameras from ESPN (owned by Disney) might randomly happen to spot them?

— You can pretty much guarantee that if you watch an NBA game, college football game, Monday Night Football or any SportsCenter over the next week (I don’t include NHL, because who watches the NHL?), you are going to see the cameras oddly focused on a lady dressed up as Rapunzel with her hair over four or five seats. (Not pictured: The crying child who wanted to attend his or her first sporting event, only to find out there weren’t enough seats, because Disney needed to promote a movie that looks pretty blah. ) Because the target audiences for these sporting events are definitely going to run out and see “Rapunzel,” obviously.