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On Not Talking To The Press

Alex Balk, co-proprietor of The Awl (a site of which I am an avowed fan), declined to speak to David Carr for a recent Times article. It was the story’s only unexplained morsel, so he explained more on the site itself. I found it to be a jolly good read. I actually agree with most of what he says as good and just reasons not to speak on the record, at least with regards to media writers/reporters/etc.

Finding success without a blueprint

In an age of hyper-targeted vertical sites, The Awl is all over the road. In the last week, the site published a column about foreclosures, a piece describing what it feels like to be chided by Gene Simmons, an illustrated essay on the virtues of the breaststroke, tips on picking up obnoxious hipster girls and yes, poetry in the, yes, poetry section.

— David Carr discusses The Awl, one of my favorite Web sites.