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Big news in the world of shows you don’t watch

We have important and breaking* news, if you consider who hosts “The Tonight Show” or “Late Night” to be something even remotely important, and unless you are reading this from a retirement community or an NBCUniversal office, you probably don’t care all that much.

Yes, Jay Leno has finally confirmed that he will be stepping aside again so that Jimmy Fallon can host “The Tonight Show” next year.  Continue reading

Jay Leno’s show might not be a hotbed of morality and ethical behavior

You will be astonished, simply astonished, to learn that Jay Leno — or, more likely, the people who work for him and who view him as the boss and leader of their operation at “The Tonight Show” — is kind of scummy. To whit: The creator of this video of Taylor Swift looking surprised was contacted by the show and asked if they show the video when Swift was a guest. He said sure, just credit me and my friend; he was promised this would happen, either verbally or in the credits. Shock of shocks: Neither occurred. Leno refers to the montage as something “we [at the show] put together.” It’s weird that a show aimed at retirees doesn’t understand how the Internet works, or at least simple attribution. [Via]

UPDATE: “The Tonight Show” will credit them, thanks to the stink he raised online. You almost wonder what they would have done if he had just complained on his own, and not gotten attention in the NYT and other places.

UPDATE II: Splitsider has a screenshot of “The Tonight Show” giving credit where it’s due. And I can’t say it any better than Splitsider: “Now just give the show back to Conan and we can finally move past all this ugliness.”