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Huge NFL News, Part Two: Tim Tebow to the Jets

Timothy Tebow has been traded to the New York Jets. The Jets were one of the many teams interested in his services, though considering they just invested big money in Mark Sanchez over the next two seasons they weren’t the likeliest destination. But there you go: Tim Tebow, the biggest story of the 2011 NFL season, is a Jet.

As someone who dislikes the Jets and hopes for nothing but bad things for the franchise, I couldn’t be happier with this move. New York now has three quarterbacks on the roster — two first-round draft picks (Tebow and Sanchez) and one second-round pick (Drew Stanton) — and they still don’t have what could be called a legitimately elite NFL quarterback. It’s amazing. As for the entire team, they have just enough talent to contend, enough star power to draw eyeballs and just enough flaws and problems to fall short.

It’s also good news if you are a fan of Tebow (and as a Florida Gator, my collegiate loyalty means that I am obligated to at least hope for moderately good things for the guy, even if he is an average NFL quarterback). He will have a chance to challenge for the starting job in New York — not early in the season, because Sanchez is the current regime’s guy, but at some point after the Jets drop to 2-3 and Sanchez looks wildly overmatched and also has guaranteed money for this season and next season so he won’t exactly be pushing himself to improve, you know? Tebow was a gigantic story last season — for many reasons having nothing to do with football, but for at least a few football reasons — and you can only imagine the noise now that the New York media has Tebow in their midst.

So this is really a win-win for almost everyone. Denver is rid of Tebow and can move forward. The Jets have a huge storyline that will draw attention without instantly reminding people of the team’s 2011 meltdown. Sanchez has some competition, but not so much that he will be overtaken. Tebow has a major media market he can use to further his fame, profile and influence. The Jets have a player they could either use when Sanchez fails or, more interestingly, they could insert into specific plays for short yardage or goal line situations (much like how the Gators used Tebow during his freshman season; of course, whether or not an NFL team can replicate that depends quite a bit on how much Sanchez can handle being pulled because he’s not a red zone threat). The NFL has Tebow in New York.

The only bad news: This means Tebow won’t be going to a franchise like Jacksonville, which really needed him; even if he wouldn’t have improved their offense that much, he would have still reinvigorated the fan base and made the Jaguars at least semi-relevant. He would have been the focal point for the Jags, on and off the field. In New York, he will be the biggest star on the team but still part of a bigger soap opera with multiple ongoing storylines.

Peyton Manning is a Denver Bronco

It took them 13 seasons, but the Denver Broncos have finally found another franchise quarterback. Peyton Manning, who is either the best quarterback in NFL history or on any such short list, has selected Denver as his next home.

You will hear a lot about how this improves the Broncos for 2012 and beyond, and about how this reshapes the woeful AFC West, and any number of things. Yet nobody knows what this means, not really. Manning hasn’t played a down since the 2010 season concluded, and has since undergone multiple neck surgeries. The Broncos are getting someone who was an incredibly elite passer without knowing with certainty if he is still an elite passer. Obviously they worked him out, they know his medical history and they have determined that he still has it (or enough of it, anyway). Continue reading

Tim Tebow is not acting very Tim Tebow-like

Tim Tebow was seemingly on the verge of becoming the starting quarterback of the Denver Broncos. The team was willing to trade Kyle Orton, but no trade materialized. They’re keeping Orton for another season, and Tebow will have to ride the bench until the team is 2-7 and new coach John Fox panics and pulls Orton.

Tebow was only drafted last year. He is entering his second year in the league and, let’s be honest, better prospects have sat on the bench for longer periods of time before playing. So it is less than optimal to see the following in the Denver Post:

The unremitting, unrelenting smile was, like his life the past week, turned upside down. Tim Tebow’s face strained from the rare, uncharacteristic frown.

“My dream, since I was a young boy, of being a starting quarterback in the NFL seemed to be coming true,” Tebow told me as we stood outside the Broncos’ locker room.

“Then, I felt like it was grabbed back away. . . .” He paused and didn’t finish the thought. Instead, he finished his quart of milk.

Again, Tebow is only entering his second season as a professional. I know he’s a media superstar and already incredibly popular with the Denver fans. And personally, I am obviously a big fan of his because, you know, Gator Nation, two titles, the Heisman, the Speech and all that. But it’s not stellar to see him saying he felt like the starting job was his and was “grabbed back away” by a guy who is, at this point, a superior quarterback. Maybe this happened and his mindset has changed because Orton was pulled late last season, and Tebow did well as the starter, and the team was willing to get rid of Orton, not to mention the media criticism Tebow has faced as a professional quarterbacking prospect (leading up to and following his draft and continuing right on through this week)

We still don’t know what kind of quarterback Tebow will be in the NFL. The Broncos know Orton is reliable and they know what they have with him. Orton will likely be out of Denver after this season. Tebow will have to sit through the quarterbacking controversies and, if and when Orton stumbles or the team is flailing, he will get called up. And he will go in and do his thing and hopefully do it well (or not, because really, you never know). Until that point, I hope he pipes down and stops giving fuel to those who don’t like him.

NFL Quarterback Finds Work Posing Semi-Nude

Tim Tebow, who will probably quarterback for the Denver Broncos at some point or other, has found a way to pay the bills while the NFL takes a breather from football. He’ll be modeling Jockey underwear, something that will definitely NOT be used by football fans for any kind of mockery down the line.

When asked about this, the devoutly religious Tebow sounded like many an aspiring model who was asked to strip down for the camera:

“People may say it’s underwear, but everyone wears underwear — it’s not like I’m doing something risque,” Tebow said this week from his home in Denver. “I wouldn’t do anything that goes against what I stand for. The whole campaign is very classy.”

Yep, “classy.” He’s basically just publicly talking himself into the inevitable Playgirl spread. Meanwhile, Kyle Orton still waits for a beard trimmer endorsement deal.

Tebow makes first NFL start, doesn’t suck

Timmy Tebow made his first NFL start yesterday in a 39-23 loss to Oakland. The Denver QB was 8-of-16 for 138 yards and a score, and he also rushed for 78 yards and a touchdown. The good news is that he ran for a 40 yard TD and threw a 30 yard one, which was impressive and rare. The bad news is, he still plays for Denver, so we won’t know if he can be a real NFL quarterback for a while.

Cam Newton and second chances

With Auburn in the thick of the national title chase — and, in my eyes, the SEC’s best shot at sending a team to the title game for a fifth straight season — it is worth revisiting the story of Cam Newton, Auburn’s dual threat quarterback. Newton was originally a Florida Gator, backing up Tim Tebow in his 2007 Heisman-winning season, but he was sidelined in 2008 by an injury. He never returned to the team after running into trouble with a laptop that was reported stolen (and having a run-in with the law does not preclude someone for playing for the Gators, it should be noted).

With Tebow returning for the 2009 season and John Brantley in place to back him up, Newton transferred. He spent a year in junior college (due to that preposterous NCAA rule that makes transfers sit out a season of Division I play) and is now a Heisman contender with Auburn. I can’t help but notice that Florida’s offense is demonstrably weak this season, unable to find any rhythm, and Newton would have made for a much better transition from Tebow. Alas. [SI]

Tebow throws a TD in the NFL!

Tebow threw a pass! To an NFL player on his team! And that player had feet in the end zone, giving their squad six points! TIMMY TEBOW. Having proved his doubters wrong and established that he’s a dual-threat quarterback who can do it all in the NFL (he already ran for one touchdown), I assume/hope he retires later today. (Yes, the preseason sucks, so I’ll take what I can get, ‘kay?)

Tim Tebow’s NFL debut finds controversy somewhere

Tim Tebow made his NFL debut this weekend, running for a touchdown on the final play of a Denver Broncos loss to the Cincinnati Bengals. Did he show promise? How did he handle NFL defensive schemes? Who cares, there’s a minor media controversy to ponder! Two media members asked for No. 15’s autograph after the game, causing consternation. They haven’t been identified — yet — but this nicely ties into the media love for Timmy. (As a Florida Gator, I remain conflicted regarding Tebow. He is obviously without peer for what he did for the Gators, yet I have little to no faith in his long-term chances to be a decent NFL quarterback.)