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The making of “Tron: Legacy”

If you saw “Tron: Legacy,” you might be wondering how, exactly, they constructed that entire world out of a lot of nothing. This Making Of video is a very cool look at that. Be warned, if you haven’t seen it, the thing is loaded with spoilers.

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Movie Review: “Tron: Legacy”

To change things up a bit, here’s a Q&A review of the No. 1 movie in the country, “TRON: Legacy.”

Q: So what’s this all about?

The movie is “TRON: Legacy,” Disney’s new $170 million blockbuster-in-waiting. It stars Garrett Hedlund, Jeff Bridges, Olivia Wilde and Michael Sheen.

Q: How does it relate to that old movie that nobody can rent or buy?

It’s a sequel to 1982’s “TRON,” which was a financial misfire for Disney but nonetheless had an exceedingly big impact on contemporary cinema. It represented the first time CGI was extensively used in a movie, and while you could argue all day about whether that’s a good or bad thing, it’s nonetheless an historic thing.

Q: So do I need to see the 1982 original to understand this one?

Oh, definitely not. I’d never seen it, if that helps, and I followed this thing fine. My knowledge of the original “TRON” is limited to what I’ve seen in the various parodies over the years. Lots of lights and grids and a guy trapped in a computer and all that.

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Weekend Box Office Preview: “TRON: Legacy” finally opens

WEEKEND OF DEC. 17-19, 2010: The much-hyped “TRON: Legacy” finally hit theaters today, ending years of Comic-Con-driven hype and anticipation to see the movie’s beyond-cutting-edge special effects.

This is an odd one to look at. When we started trundling towards December, the thing looked like this year’s “Avatar.” (It still resembles that film in several ways: a story drawn largely from an older project, no big box office draws in the cast, 3-D special effects and reviews that suggest there’s more spectacle than story.) Disney pinned their hopes on it as the new “Pirates of the Caribbean.” The damn thing costs $170 million.

But people just don’t seem excited, do they? This thing had the early bust label on it because it was tracking poorly. This movie has four big hurdles, really: 1) It’s based on a 1982 movie most people haven’t seen, 2) Most of its buzz is coming from Comic-Con, not the general public, 3) There’s no real star power, because while I adore the Dude, he’s no box office draw, and 4) The 3-D effects that are the key selling point aren’t so cutting edge after all the movies that have weakened 3-D’s draw.

I think it opens with $50 million, but honestly, this looks like something that could trip and stumble to $36-38 million. I remain optimistic because it just looks so cool, and looks like something unlike anything else out there. The long run might be tricky, because unlike the “You have to see ‘Avatar’ in theaters, trust me” selling point, this thing just doesn’t have great reviews or buzz as we speak.

Also, “How Do You Know” opens up, and it’s going to make a pitiful $9 million. There’s also “Yogi Bear,” which will make about $17-18 million from families, though they haven’t seen the original ending yet.

Could “Tron: Legacy” be a bust?

It’s a little early to fret about such things, but: This article in the Hollywood Reporter says that “Tron: Legacy” is tracking to open with as little as $35 million in its first weekend. Since the movie cost $200 million to make (and tens of millions more to market), this would be a bad thing for Disney.

Of course, you should take that with a grain of salt for many reasons. For one thing, it’s not coming out for two and a half weeks. The pre-release media siege (commercials, magazine stories, et cetera) is underway but not at its peak, as it will be in the week leading up to the release. And, of course, this could just be Disney dampening expectations (while an executive from another studio says this thing could still open with $50 million, so they could be trying to raise expectations, which gets into a whole studio politics/mind game thing I don’t want to ponder).

Though at least two worrying factors mentioned by the Reporter are valid: This is a reboot of a 1982 movie nobody saw and female interest in this thing is low. The latter might have something to do with the former; it’s probably not unrealistic to say the majority of people with a strong nostalgia for the original “Tron” were dudes. This movie also has a meager female presence in the ads; Olivia Wilde plays the now-standard Big-Budget Blockbuster lady role of “Really, really good-looking gal who is also a badass fighter-type,” but she’s not really highlighted well in the ads.

As for the former: I’ve always thought it was weird that some¬†prognosticators¬†felt this thing would be huge because of the cult status developed by the original. That’s pretty dumb. Sure, that nostalgia will get this thing a lot of attention at Comic-Con and from certain entertainment writers. But that’s not exactly a huge audience chunk. (And the ads aren’t helping. They mostly give us a vague glimpse at what it’s about, and while I find them awesome, a moviegoer with no familiarity with “Tron” might be confused about why there’s an old Jeff Bridges and a young, kind of plastic-y Jeff Bridges.)

The reason I thought (and still think) this movie will be big is because it looks, visually, all kinds of resplendent. “Avatar” showed us last year that it doesn’t matter how dumb your story is or how terrible the dialogue; if it looks like it will be a whole new world, with mind-blowing visuals, audiences will be intrigued. The 3-D thing should be a huge selling point for a movie like this, since it was filmed with that in mind; instead, the format has been run into the ground over the last year in a mad dash for “Avatar”-like cash.

I still think it opens solidly (north of $50 million) and can earn $200 million. But we’ll see how tracking looks the week of the release.

“Tron Legacy” will be rated PG, gunning for family bucks

“Tron Legacy” has been given a PG rating from the MPAA. This might not seem like big news, but considering it’s got Disney’s marketing machine behind it, this is actually rather important. The studio can now push this thing full-throttle to families with young children as well as young boys, nostalgic adults and twenty/thirtysomethings who like cool visuals. I may have said this before, but this thing easily earns $225 million and possibly quite a bit more, topping the December box office. [BOM]

Newest “Tron: Legacy” trailer

The latest “Tron: Legacy” trailer is here. It’s more of the same: Looks very cool. Looks very serious. There are two Jeff Bridgeseses. One of them is the bearded, aged version we’re all familiar with; the other is a still-a-bit-too-plastic-y CGI version of Bridges circa the 1980s. (I expect that by the Dec. 17 release, the CGI version will look better.) There’s also Garrett Hedlund as the hero (Bridges’s son). Plus, Olivia Wilde, who has been very pretty on TV for years now (“The O.C.,” “House”), takes her too-good-looking-NOT-to-be-CGI self to the big screen.

As others have said, yeah, it looks a little grim. Looks like it’s trying hard to be taken seriously, not laughed at because A) it’s about living computer programs and B) it’s the sequel to a cult classic from 1982. But it also looks utterly phenomenal, like the kind of thing that was made for 3-D and IMAX screens, a movie that’s worth seeing on the big screen.

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“True Grit” bumped up three days

Here’s your requisite “True Grit” update, since I will cover any and all news about my sure-to-be-favorite-movie-of-2010. It’s going to open on Wednesday, Dec. 22, as opposed to the original date of Saturday, Dec. 25. This is pretty sensible, since opening a movie on Saturday (even Christmas, a big moviegoing day) is pretty stupid. Opening it on Wednesday gives it a big jump on the weekend, lets it build buzz with its target audience (older people who might hear it’s good and trek out a few days later) and also more readily capitalizes on the Young People Interest in Jeff Bridges thanks to “TRON: Legacy” (opening Dec. 17). [Deadline]

A longer “TRON: Legacy” trailer

Yahoo! Movies has a new “TRON: Legacy” trailer, which fleshes out what we got from the brief teaser earlier this year. Sorry, I can’t get it to embed (maybe the IT department wants to help with that? Right, he’s out of town). It looks damn intriguing. I never saw the original, but like so many influential pop culture touchstones, I feel like I’ve seen it (the delightfully dated trailer for the original film is here, and despite that corniness I’ll be checking out the first one before December).

This new trailer gives us a better idea of what we’re in for, which is to say, dual Jeff Bridgeseses. The CGI de-aged Bridges — the film’s technological centerpiece, with respect to the other bells, whistles and creations of this world — remarkably brings The Dude back to his 1982 visage. It’s not perfect — there’s still a little of that plastic-face, only-the-mouth-moves cartoonishness — but it’s still July, and there’s going to be tweaking it until the release. I can’t wait to see it on screen, because I’m confident it’s going to look pretty astonishing. Young Bridges versus Old Bridges? Groovy.