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Vin Diesel takes credit for Facebook’s success, compares himself to Elvis and Brando

Vin Diesel chatted with Entertainment Weekly about the “Fast and the Furious” movies and “Riddick” and other things, and because he’s Vin Diesel he said some amazingly modest stuff about how Facebook became FACEBOOk because Vin Diesel used the site to talk to his fans. (I’m going to excerpt this at length, but again, you can read more over at Entertainment Weekly.)

So! Vin Diesel is the star of the “Fast and Furious” movies. He also has a lot of Facebook fans. Let’s dive in:

You’ve developed a big following on Facebook. What do you attribute that to?
Did you ever see the movie Social Network? Do you remember what they said the reason was to make Facebook?

To meet girls?

Let’s pause and appreciate Vin Diesel shouting “YOU GOT IT!” at the interviewer while discussing “The Social Network.”  Continue reading

Teaser trailer for “Fast Five”…yes, really

So, this is happening. There’s a fifth “The Fast and the Furious” movie. It was written and cast and budgeted and filmed and everything. And now, next spring, there will really be five — five! — of these things, spanning a decade. I remember the first one, way back in the summer of 2001. How innocent, we all were, thinking it was a one-time larf en route to Vin Diesel’s red-hot action hero career. Instead, it’s 2010 and he’s releasing the teaser for his new movie on his Facebook page, apparently? Anyway, this new one is…look, you know the deal. If it’s your cup of tea, great, you know this is for you. If not, just ignore it and before you know it, it’ll be time for “Fast and Furiousererererer 6” or whatever. Also, the Rock is in this one, if that helps. [Apple]